Wednesday, July 10, 2013

dates in my head

I give myself one more week to settle my odds and ends here. By next Wednesday, the leaf will be turned and a new summer focus (and a new era of Ocean blogging) will begin! For now, old focus.

But hey, what a gorgeous day this is! The humidity disappears and a wind comes a-dancin' and a-prancin' and that is enough to shoo the mosquitoes back into their green lush world, allowing us to walk along a path with only minimal slapping and zapping at them with our brilliant mosquito zappers ($2 each and worth every penny).

So I start you with a few photos from the garden, even before breakfast. Because this kind of weather just draws you out.

DSC03530 - Version 2

DSC03531 - Version 2

DSC03536 - Version 2

Okay, breakfast on the porch (note zapper on table).

DSC03538 - Version 2

And then I heave a meet up with my older girl. I haven't seen her for five weeks and so a walk by the shores of Lake Monona seems like a perfect way to catch up.

It is unfortunate that my old rosie (the moped) has developed hot flashes. It is doubly unfortunate for Ed, because he is capable of fixing even complicated, intractable motorbike problems and so it means that he is the one stuck with his tool kit open, working long hours trying to identify the problem, while I'm out taking a brilliant walk with my girl.

I do feel terribly guilty about this and vow to make a special meal for him in the days to come.

Because rosie is out of sorts, I bike to my girl's place -- a mere 30 minutes typically, but a tad longer this time, as the winds are strong and the views onto the prairie meadows along the way require frequent stops and pauses for admiration. Alpine meadows, step aside! We have this to show you!

DSC03547 - Version 2

My girl and I walk, she in her lobster dress that makes me think of Maine.

DSC03549 - Version 2

But it's not Maine -- it's Madison. with our lakes and bordering prairies and fields of corn...

DSC03543 - Version 2

At home, Ed is still working on rosie.

 DSC03550 - Version 2

Such a small engine, such intricate issues! I zap bugs, weed flower beds...

DSC03552 - Version 2

... and come in to make sauteed cabbage and friend eggs for supper.

DSC03553 - Version 2

Isis snuggles in for an evening of affectionate cuddling (and a night of... who knows what).