Thursday, February 08, 2018


Ed dragged in very late last night. The volley ball game was long and tiring. Too few people showed up. Were you okay anyway? (He'd been having a good season thus far.)
I'm the old guy there.
I can't jump as high anymore.
Old people can't jump?
Nope. Go ahead, try it.

I do.

How was that?
Not so high.
It felt high!
It wan't high.

We do a google search on how high, on the average, a person in her/his sixties can expect to jump. Would you believe it -- there appear to be no immediately available data on those past 59. Well now! Not too late to improve! We watch a youtube on how to give height to your jumps.

In the morning, I wait for the phone call. None comes. Snowdrop is fine and in school!

A big sigh of relief!

I go out to deal with the silly cheepers. Well, perhaps not so silly: Henny has started laying every now and then. (She is the only one of the three, so we're grateful!)

It's cold again, but there is sunshine! I look out over the farmette: so many tracks, not one of them our own. Deer, groundhog, rabbits and who knows what else...

farmette life (2 of 18).jpg

Breakfast, bursting with sunshine!

farmette life (5 of 18).jpg

And skiing at noon at our local county park. Blue skies and for the first time this season -- the trail is groomed and ready!

farmette life (10 of 18).jpg

We zig zag, taking this turn and then the next... (Such pretty colors!)

farmette life (9 of 18).jpg

Lovely. How lucky we are to live so close to a park!

Immediately after -- I pick up Snowdrop. It's not that she is immediately full of giggles. She hasn't napped. She is tired. But if you find an excuse to laugh, inevitably she will join you. She can't help herself. Worries slip away. The giggle slips out and now it's full blown guffaws.

farmette life (11 of 18).jpg

Which last and last...

farmette life (16 of 18).jpg

Yes, she is her old boisterous, ridiculously funny and fun loving self.

farmette life (5 of 6).jpg

Wouldn't it be wonderful if we were done with the bugs and the Arctic blasts for the year?

As for jumping -- I'll go back to my piddly saunters later. For now, excuse me, but I have some Olympic figure skaters to watch. The Winter Olympics have begun.