Saturday, May 16, 2009

chasing dreams

Nonstop. I worked like a horse today. Because, you see , I had this dream -- that in the next four weeks, I would work at a bare minimum.

For the first time, I didn’t even go down to the Saturday Farmers’ Market. (For dinner, we ate frozen stir fry. Even as the season is bursting with fresh flavors.)

But by late afternoon, I needed a pause. I couldn't ignore it anymore: the day was absolutely brilliant (and with that brilliance comes an unpleasant surprise for those of us who rushed the planting season – tonight we face a danger of frost).

Trees in bloom, farmers working, cats prancing (under peach tree blossoms) –what a day!






At home, I find a package waiting for me. I have many wonderful and enormously kind commenters on Ocean and I truly value the friends I have made through blogging. But one who especially deserves mention today is "danDe" – a commenter who has an infinite capacity for generosity, both in his comments and in his attitude toward family, friends and the occasional struggling “artist.”

Today, he sent me a woodcut print that he had done of an Ocean photo from last December. (Did I tell you that he is an accomplished artist? Find his work here.) It’s so beautiful that I have to include a picture of it here for you (with many heartfelt thanks to you, dande!).


Can a person chase dreams through art? Through writing? Through pruning peach trees? Through travels with her daughters? Or with an occasional traveling companion? Yes.

Tomorrow morning, I’m off. Be patient. It’s a long trip. Where to? Not to Florence, but close. Keep checking. Eventually, once I arrive, I’ll post.