Thursday, December 06, 2012

day four

I interrupt this work evening to bring you this unremarkable announcement: after four hours of lecturing, three hours of student office visits and one hour of Rosie rides to and from work, I am spent. However, I MUST finish writing an exam tonight and I am not anywhere close to the completion of that job. So you have me sitting here, with Ed fast asleep, pressing into my shoulder and a twenty-five page single-spaced document that must be proofed and modified before the Cinderella hour of midnight.

It's not that the day had no smiles, no light moments, no pleasurable indulgences. There wasn't the sunshine for the morning meal, but still, it was warmer today and so I had no issues with riding Rosie to campus. Delightful.

And, after work (way past the setting of the sun), I took the time to do a five minute errand. This placed me on State Street -- the one that links our campus with the Capitol -- at a delightfully bright and busy evening hour.

DSC00018 - Version 2

Then Rosie and I zipped home and I sat down to Chinese take out (thank you, Ed, for having it here and ready so quickly upon my return!) and then to work. Tomorrow… ah, tomorrow! It seems many moons away.

Okay, excuse me while I return to the task at hand.