Monday, May 27, 2019

holiday Monday

Such a rainy day! You feel bad for people who planned picnics and outdoor events. Holidays are few and far between. To lose one to bad weather can be tough.

Here, at the farmhouse, we plan on staying inside: Ed, Gogs and the grandkids.

It is a busy day! A photo run will give you bits and pieces of it. I have time for little else.

Outdoor play for the kids? Forget it! In the early morning, Snowdrop walks out in her pj's and retreats quickly. It's cold! She tells me.

farmette life-15.jpg

I fix breakfast. The kids satisfy their hunger/impatience, by sharing some toddler puffies. All air, no substance, if you ask me, but they like 'em...

farmette life-30.jpg

Finally. Pancakes. Well, not for Sparrow (he prefers pouches of mushy foods) and not for me (I do love my oatmeal). But the other two are happy!

farmette life-32.jpg

We play. Both kids are really easy to entertain and keep busy, but it is a shame that it's not a day for the great outdoors. So many grand things to discover there! Another time. Today, we frolic indoors.

farmette life-56.jpg

farmette life-73.jpg

(She explains to him that it's a French book. He has that look  -- "French? What's that?")

farmette life-75.jpg

(The two nut thieves: we have a nut drawer and they both like to raid it.)

farmette life-99.jpg

(Lunch: I call it a picnic because we're not at the table. A long discussion follows: is it a picnic if it's indoors and on the couch? Is it?)

farmette life-106.jpg

And the rain keeps falling...

farmette life-112.jpg

Oh, do these two love each other!

farmette life-126.jpg

(He naps, she paints...)

farmette life-143.jpg

Dinner is a bit ambitious: tacos with shrimp in green mole. I cleaned the shrimp before the two little ones were even awake. The rest of the prep was sprinkled throughout the day.

farmette life-160.jpg

That's it! No more pics, no more words. I'm spent. Not because the kids required energy (they do, even as they would manage just fine if I had less of it), but because I have the sniffles and I need to get some rest. Tomorrow and the next day -- busy once again!

As I wind down, I keep thinking about the last two might: yesterday, Snowdrop was impossible to put down. She was up with endless questions and requests, long into the evening/night. Nonetheless, Sparrow slept through her loud clamors. Or at least he didn't utter a peep. Today it was the reverse: she was the tired one (he had naps, she did not). She was so ready to sleep, but he was not. He jabbered and thumped in bed for a solid hour after I closed the door on them. She didn't utter a sound.

My feeling is that the kids are so comforted by the other's presence, that they dont care about the noise. What lulls them to sleep is the scent, noise, movement of the other. I think about this because growing up, I always shared a room with my sister. I couldn't imagine being without her at night. That was postwar Poland, of course. And still, this weekend reminded me of those years. I may find it hard to balance the needs of two little kids right now at the same time. But they don't find it hard at all. In their world, they are in the same frame, the same orbit.

Okay, it was to be a wordless post. I'll stop clicking now. All is quiet. At your home too, I hope.