Monday, May 14, 2018


It rained and thundered and rained some more -- all night long. Everything is soppy, muddy, thick with moisture, laden with water.

We do not need more rain.

Tell that to the weather gods. I hear they're to have another rumbling party tonight. And in the meantime, it's misty, cloudy, broody. And wet.

But misty cloudy broody does not bother chickens. The little girls, who are now happily sleeping "upstairs" in the coop, snuggled there with the big girls, are raring to be out exploring.

("What does she have here? Anything new? Will she be digging worms for us again??")

farmette life.jpg

Ed and I are slower to get going. I suppose we miss that sunshine boost.

farmette life-8.jpg

Still, the landscape is gorgeous now. Of this there can be no doubt.

farmette life-11.jpg

(Yet another clump of tulips that escaped the jaws of the hungry local herbivores.)

farmette life-12.jpg

We both do work outside though. Ed has a dead tree to remove (in the old raspberry patch, which this year has been cultivated and planted by him with buckwheat grain). I have stuff to move, weeds to dig out, and plants to put in. It wont all get done today, or even this week, but a steady work pace is far easier on the body than spurts of excessive activity followed by spells of doing nothing.

And we are rewarded by at least a short burst of sunshine! We'll take it!

farmette life-15.jpg

farmette life-16.jpg

I do pause at midday. I have a lunch date with my friend who is in town this week! How good it is to catch up with someone who knows so many details of your now not so young life!

farmette life-18.jpg

And of course, in the afternoon, I come home with Snowdrop. She wants to be outside. She'd love the wading pool, but I have to be the responsible person here: it really is too cold. We settle for bubbles.

farmette life-27.jpg

...which she loves!

farmette life-29.jpg

... to pieces!

farmette life-33.jpg

In short order, we all forget about the wet, misty, cloudy broody!

farmette life-34.jpg

(You do get a little muddy on days like this. Add a bit of pain of chocolat to the mix and it's time to change attire. Grandma has spares!)

farmette life-46.jpg

(Indoor pretend play is always exciting, delightful, crazy imaginative!)

farmette life-52.jpg

Evening now. I don't hear rumbles in the skies. Instead, I see cracks in the cloud cover. It was, in the end, a lovely day. It will be even lovelier tomorrow to see the plants turn their faces toward warm sunshine.