Friday, July 05, 2013

ten points

And again, I post when I feel too tired to keep my eyes open. I'll do it differently tomorrow! -- I vow to myself and then tomorrow comes and it's not different at all. Nine years of blogging should have taught me better, but, well, here I am, fighting sleep for the thousandth time.

So highlights -- you'll get just highlights from the day. With or without a photo.

1. Waking up in the morning, looking up and commenting to Ed -- what is that on the ceiling?
He answers -- cobweb; now go to sleep. I ask -- are you sure? He checks. Not cobweb. Wet spot. We have, it seems, a leaky roof.

2. First breakfast with all the requisite foods purchased and ready. Not a small change: good bye Greek yogurt, hello Kefir.

DSC03524 - Version 2

3. It's more humid today and it feels like the mosquitoes have multiplied overnight. Two times over at least. Gardening becomes difficult. A neighbor sort of guy stops by and tells us about a magic formula that protects him (he claims) from these pests. Others on the internet confirm this: Use 1/4 c of Johnson and Johnson baby shampoo, with 1 c of lemon scented ammonia and a gallon of water and spary your surroundings!  This afternoon, we chased around acquiring lemon scented ammonia and baby shampoo and a sprayer. I'll let you know what I think of this "magic formula" tomorrow. (I'll take any other ideas from you as well. We HATE mosquitoes!)

4. The flowers are continuing to do well -- except for the pansy-filled flower pots. Pansies do not thrive in hot and humid conditions. The temptation to get rid of them is strong. In the alternative, we can suffer the awfulness now and wait until fall when they always do rebound. To keep or to chuck and move on. Too much in life is an all or nothing thing. The pansy pots are no exception.

5. Other flowers continue to move toward full bloom. Some of the day lilies are beginning their enchanting run (I have planted dozens of varieties and so this is just the beginning) and the lavender  this year is magnificent!

DSC03523 - Version 2

6. A point on recycling your favorites: I added a new vase to my collection. We were at the Barcelona airport and Ed had a fizzy water to drink. It came in a bottle that was both large and beautiful. I insisted that after he finished it, I take it home in my backpack. I'm sure many wondered why an empty bottle was sticking out of my pack, but hey, I just thought it was sublime.

DSC03526 - Version 2

In the same vein -- I have this little bottle that once housed the local olive oil from Sorede. It's a sweet little thing - perfect for types like me, who are so reluctant to pick too many flowers, even from an abundant yard.

DSC03527 - Version 2

I "filled" one more vase in the house today -- this one isn't a recycled anything. It's from a little potter's shop I came across in our days of kayaking on the Dordogne. It's wide mouth invites huge bunches of flowers. I can't get myself to pick huge bunches of flowers. With pebbles on the bottom to keep a few stems upright, I don't have to. 

DSC03528 - Version 2

7. I have been telling Ed that we need another table for the porch -- for days when we have people eating with us. Today he attached a makeshift table top to the grill and I varnished it for future use. Let the outdoor dining begin!

DSC03531 - Version 2

8. Another set of visits with Goldie, my girl's cat. She really is quite the golden eyed girl! (The cat, not my daughter.)

DSC03534 - Version 2

DSC03558 - Version 2


9.  My younger girl and her fiance are coming to Madison for the weekend.  Tell me there is a mother on this planet who would not be happy with such a visit!

10. Now is the time for all good souls (and maybe not so good souls as well) to go to sleep.