Monday, February 09, 2015

checkerboard month

It's disconcerting, this constant flipping of weather patterns. The freeze, the snow, the freeze, the warmup, the freezing drizzle, the clouds, the clouds, oh! -- the clouds! And then, like today -- the radiant sunshine! We're used to cold winter shere, but we're also spoiled by typically long periods of clear winter skies. This year? Well, tomorrow we get the "wintry mix" again.

But we need not go there yet. Let's pause for a while on this sunny day. Forget about car buying! (I can say this after spending the earliest hours looking at today's listings. Uff! More of the same: if I like it, you can be sure the price is wrong!)

Okay, put aside car searches. We pause for a very sunny and cheerful breakfast. Ed stepped out of his comfort zone and said all sorts of nice things about little Snowdrop and grandparenting and even the crib toys that were in his field of vision and so he scored a reserve of brownie points that I will surely retrieve in moments when he, like Isie boy, seems baffled by the whole experience of tending to a newborn.


The cheepers, too, appreciate the sunshine. Butter and Brownie run toward me when they see me coming down the path -- a sweet gesture of appreciation for the treats I always have for them.


And I think little Snowdrop, too, appreciates the sunshine. At her home, when, during my visit, I take her to the window (southern exposure), she becomes mesmerized by the sunny world out there. Soon, little one! Soon we'll be walking the park paths, taking in the world of tall oaks, squirrels and chirping birds.

For now, we stay inside.

And oh, is she ready for play!

Hey, Snowdrop, if I lie down on the floor, can we do a selfie? Stripes on stripes!


The cats watch. The room is bathed in sunlight!


Little Snowdrop puts her entire soul into working on a smile!




So you don't (I don't) (really) care (that much) that tomorrow the sun will disappear once more. That the roads will be slick. That colder air will follow. Inside, there's a world of grinning yellow dinosaurs and delighted (and delightful) little ones. And that's a beautiful thing.