Friday, March 22, 2019

leaving Paris

Sometime in the middle of last night's dinner, I decided to cut my trip short by one day and come back on Friday rather than Saturday.

This was one of the toughest travel decisions I've had to make. Fact is, I need to be home right now. So, in the middle of my risotto with artichokes and who knows what else, I asked for the check, walked back to my beloved hotel, called Delta and booked an early morning flight out of Paris.

By early, I mean early! Predawn. The walk to the commuter train is by the light of the moon, with an added eerie glow from street lamps and the occasional neon.


... or traffic light.


I'm leaving a city in full bloom. Chestnut leaves unfurled...


Primroses and hyacinths charming and coaxing daylight out of a night sky.


Breakfast, at the airport, is as uninteresting as it was yesterday, though I suppose I'm measuring by standards of what could have been. It surely is good enough!


And then I'm off, to Minneapolis, where the weather is also sunny, if a bit chillier. Back to farmette breakfasts tomorrow!