Tuesday, September 21, 2010


So here I am. Satisfied. Three classes taught today. Students were curious, engaged, humorous, sometimes gullible, sometimes not. They told funny stories. I spilled tea on my shirt and suffered the humiliation of finishing a class with a stain down my front. We all laughed.

It was a good day.

More, there’s more.

I went to the grocery store and salmon was on sale and the rain did not come even as the skies looked fearsome. So I walked home without incident. It should have been treacherous, but it wasn’t, even as the construction on University Avenue was dense and I could not find a spot to cross the street to get to the grocery store (the bus spit me out in the usual place, but the place to cross had gone under).

A construction worker led me through a safe passage. It will be better by tomorrow, I promise—he says. So sweet! That he should want to reassure idiots who choose to cross streets under construction... so sweet!

Daughters and Ed came to dinner and no one was late and everyone gushed about the salmon.

It’s frightening. Good days typically come in bunches. What if this bunch is nearly bunched up and done with?

Okay, I bit into an ice cream bar and it fell apart all over the couch. It was raspberry. I feel better. Streaks of gold are frightening.