Thursday, October 25, 2012

farmette living

…Maybe the most likable part of the day is this: at dawn, when I am forcing myself to get up (as opposed to wake up -- that part had happened when Isis went into his meowing routine at some earlier hour), the sky turns a pretty pink.

DSC00712 - Version 2

It is warm enough for me to dash outside in my night attire. We tend to think of one day being toasty and another being cool, but the change from one season to the next may in fact come in the middle of the day.

DSC00716 - Version 2

Breakfast is rushed. In the kitchen.

DSC00715 - Version 2

Then I'm off. In the donkey car.

A glance toward the barn...

DSC00720 - Version 2

And I'm away, swept up in a Thursday that has no slow minutes, none at all.

But eventually the work day comes to an end. And now I'm back in the donkey car, driving home, into the dirt driveway, parking it at the foot of the willow tree, with a view toward the barn.

And I look at it again -- same barn, but now it's evening and a raging rain storm rolls in and the warm temperatures roll out and all in all, it's pretty miserable out there.

DSC00721 - Version 2

Ed asks -- want to go to the (evening) Fitchburg market? I have to force myself to consider the positives (cabbage, some cheese curds).

DSC00724 - Version 2

DSC00725 - Version 2

After, I'm about to settle in to a toasty evening of work and recreation (Ocean comes to mind) when Ed, after investigating why still the water heater cannot sustain heat, comes in, sits down and announces -- we need a new water heater.

There is an upside -- a newer, more reliable water heater. But Ed takes time to decide on models, installations, etc and so we are slated to be without hot water for … days? weeks?

...Just as the temperatures are plummeting to wintry lows.