Wednesday, January 03, 2007

from chicago: excess

I had an excess of blog-related writing today. Tons and gobs. A whole day’s worth. The webpage is getting a big push into the world. A few more days! Still, a fair warning: the waters haven’t burst yet. In fact, burst is exactly the wrong word. It is a slow and painful process. I may lose all friends and family along the way.

(Thank you those who are continuing to be patient and amused rather than ick-ed out in these days when I am preoccupied and admittedly a pain in all regions.)

In the meantime, the good weather is passing me by. Much is passing me by.

In the evening, I make my way to a strip mall and have myself a hell of a good green curry dish.

january 07 008

Then it’s back to the blog. World, I am busy. Be patient. It’s bang or bust. I am forging ahead.