Tuesday, September 13, 2016


Once again I was given a label by Ed -- or perhaps you'd call it an anti-label: You're just not a capitalist! A shake of his head and we move on to other topics.

What prompted this was my enthusiasm for the nearly finished apartment in Warsaw. The architect/designer solved all problems that the apartment presented, furnished the wee space in a way that made it seem luminous and not so wee and as I admired the latest batch of photos from her I said: I enjoyed working through this so much that honestly, I should just buy and flip apartments with Pani Karolina for a (maybe) profitable hobby.

Ed said -- splendid idea! So sell this one and move on to the next!
Oh, but I could never sell this one! I'm invested in the detail! I want to enjoy it for at least five years!

I suppose those with real entrepreneurial blood don't get personally invested in their product. They spin it off and move on to the next one. That's so not me!

Too many years in (communist) Poland... he tells me, shaking his head.

I don't disagree.

farmette life-2.jpg

It storms and rains and storms again. I suppose we could eat breakfast on the porch, but why would we? The intimacy of the kitchen is suddenly so appealing that I know from now until late April, I'll spend my waking hours thinking how to keep myself this cozy and warm.

In the afternoon, I pick Snowdrop up at school and take her to her own home. She is always delighted to "rediscover" her toys, as if the parting with them had been long and hard. A run to the kitchen...

farmette life-5.jpg

Wait a minute, Snowdrop. Turn around. Ah, I see that someone has looked after you well! Slippers to warm your toes! 

farmette life-6.jpg

Okay -- go back to your sorting and mixing of (toy) foods! Only let's throw a sweater on you. Don't you feel the coming of Fall?

(She ignores my preoccupation with the weather and examines the pretend juice container. To my knowledge, she hasn't had juice in her life. Hmmm... a bottle with oranges on it. Magically inserted through the narrow neck? That's a puzzler!)

farmette life-10.jpg

(Now strawberry yogurt -- that's familiar!)

farmette life-12.jpg

And bis! In every waking hour of her day, there must be a bis (a penguin)!

farmette life-23.jpg

In the late afternoon, I walk over with the little one to the nearby coffee shop. She loves the unexpected pick-me-up.

farmette life-4.jpg

We leave too many crumbs on the floor and so I ask for a broom to sweep things up. Snowdrop insists on helping.

farmette life-18-2.jpg

The girl is ambitious. I'm properly impressed!

In the evening, Snowdrop's mom coaxes me out for a predinner drink. Just the two of us. I see her daily of course, but you can't pause and reflect much when you're passing a child over to the parent and filling her (or him) in with details of the day. So this is special.

farmette life-2-2.jpg

It's a grand ending to a full day.