Monday, August 06, 2012

delightfully so

So here comes another delightfully sunny day (I can still say that, even though for many, all of this sunshine has been less than grand), still dry, still not too hot, perfect for a morning check of flowers (a touch misty eyed from the morning dew)...

DSC04907 - Version 2

...and a morning breakfast on the porch (here's Ed, because I like this particular photo).

DSC04916 - Version 2

My friends are still with us and we have the farmers pride of bringing out a big haul of ripe tomatoes – for dinner, yes and for freezing, but also for breakfast.

DSC04923 - Version 2

This is barely the beginning of the beginning... Ed says and I swear he’s beaming.

DSC04925 - Version 2

My friend and I go downtown. It's perfect. Down to the lake, along the lake path... campus at its quiet time. Not many summer classes now, not many people by the water's edge.

DSC04928 - Version 2

Then, a necessary stop at Paul’s, and a quick game of tennis with Ed, and now we're home and it's dinner time, but, almost to give meaning to the idea that summer is running out, Ed sets the big ladder against the farmhouse west wall. To finish the paint job begun last year. (Karma, my friends' dog, watches from inside, somewhat appalled.)

DSC04939 - Version 2

And finally, a dinner out on the porch...

DSC04945 - Version 2

...a walk out to our new orchard and the incredible, fantastic, over the top abundant tomato patch.

DSC04957 - Version 2

And if all this sounds terribly staid and a tad repetitive, I cannot tell you how much I like these easy days where the big decision has to do with which frozen yogurt to make – strawberry or blueberry? Let’s go with strawberry.

DSC04963 - Version 2