Monday, February 27, 2012


Last night I gave the Oscars my best shot. Typically, I fall asleep for the middle segments (magically waking up to see who is walking up to claim the best picture prize), but this year Ed was in the sheep shed working on some project or other and I was working at the farmhouse and so I caught most of the awards, the celebratory speeches, the glitz.

But my mind was elsewhere. Minutes before the awards show, my older daughter called to tell me she had just become engaged. Happiness oozed out of her voice. There may be mothers who feel that their kid’s happiness isn’t going to make them or break them. I don’t know many such parents.

I love the prospect of adding my girl’s partner to our family (he’s such a fine addition!). I tell Ed the news and he asks – are we getting some goats? Cows maybe? He gets very confused on the formalities behind such events. I tell him no, no goats, no gifted cows either. He hides his disappointment well.

This afternoon, I go up to see my girl in her office on campus. I have done this no more than two or three times since she started work here a year and a half ago. Today is the exception – I want to see that smile on her face.

DSC00471 - Version 2

It’s rare that any one event can transform your life in such a positive fashion. You could argue that a marriage is a formality, nothing more, that it’s a dated concept belonging to another time and place. Maybe. But it’s hard to convince me tonight that the joy of saying “yes” is just a fleeting little pleasure. I saw her radiant face. I know how solidly happy she is right now.