Tuesday, July 07, 2009

small dog

Oh, such a beautiful moon there, somewhere behind the clouds! Full moon, the one over a river, moon river, river made beautiful by the moon. Time to chase it once again.

And I don’t mean time to leave, time to go anywhere at all. Quite the contrary – time to stay put and puff up the reserves a bit. Time to moonlight.

I applied for week-end and evening work and today I was called back with an offer. In the days of a tough economy, of furloughs and pay cuts, I am grateful that the place I chose to put down my application said – start anytime.

Although I don’t hide here that I am a law prof, neither do I write about my work at the university. So much do I avoid it that I sometimes think Ocean makes me look like I do not have a job (if you write about a glorious moment on the lake and that becomes the post for the day, doesn’t it seem as if that’s all there was to that day?).

With my moonlighting, I decided to take the opposite approach. I will not mention the place of work (at least for now), but I wont be so reluctant to mention my hours there. (Within limits: I mean to keep my bread well buttered.)

I’ll say this: I chose a place that sells something I like.

I’ll be the little dog there – the new hire, the lowest rung on the ladder.


And that’s a good thing. Every once in a while, it’s useful to take some of the loftiness out of your own environment. To scrub a few floors that are not your own.

So, sweet moon, thank you for this offer of work. So long as I have the energy to do it all, I’ll try to do it all.