Monday, June 24, 2019

the gray skies of Glasgow

For a family traveling with young kids, the dream is to have restful nights. We did indeed get our dream -- five logs, lost in deep slumber until the late morning.

We wake to drizzle and gray skies. That's more like it! Glasgow weather!

It's a leisurely morning. Laundry time, play time, rest for Sparrow time. Wait, who is that coming in for a grandma visit?!


The breakfast plan for today? Doughnuts from a local doughnut cafe called "Tantrum Doughnuts." I offer to walk over -- I still do enjoy morning city rambles.

(passing "Whole Foods," where good fruits are easy to be had...)


(passing also pubs and cafes that show the age of this beautiful, tough city...)


The doughnut shop:


... where the doughnuts are luxuriously flavorful.


Okay, time for breakfast!


Finally, bathed and ready to set out!


There is no question as to where you should spend your time if you're here with kids on a drizzly day: the Riverside Museum! Oh, you could also poke in at the Kelvingrove Museum (the building below), but I think those in the know are correct: imposing as it is, it's the second choice, after the Riverside!

(the Kelvingrove, with a bit of Glasgow University in the background)


We pass this way on our walk to the riverfront and so it's not surprising that we stop to lunch at Mother India's Cafe, which is just across the road from the Kelvingrove. Mother India is a really good restaurant in Glasgow, serving exquisite Indian food. The Cafe is its offshoot and it's set up to let you sample small plates of some of Mother India's signature dishes.

(Snowdrop, waiting...)


(Sparrow, learning to enjoy naan bread...)


Such good food...

We continue on our walk to the riverfront.


Okay, so what's so special at the Riverside? Well, it's primarily a museum of transportation and it has dozens of trains cars and automobiles that are historically significant and readily accessible to the young visitor.

Too, it has very adorable visuals -- such as video clips and stories and delightful character depictions that'll grab your imaginative chuild's attention.


... not to mention the replicas of streets of yore...


... with wagon cars, trolley cars, subway cars...


Snowdrop is literally bouncing off the floor with excitement and delight.


The local school groups are somewhat more jaded...


She wants a timed released photo. Yes!!!!


As we leave, I notice a replica of the ship that brought me first to America. Yes, built in Scotland!


Shipbuilding: so important to this country's past! There aren't many that were built here that are still on the waters. One source tells me there are only five. One of them is docked by the museum and it is for you to explore. As all museum exhibits in Glasgow -- a visit is free of charge. (Look for the Tall Ship at Riverside...)



(Sparrow is a little impressed, though his attention is equally focused on pulling off his socks and dropping them somewhere along the way. We've lost at least a handful so far on this trip.)


Snowdrop is a more focused on the ship's details.


Hey, he's a ripe seafaring laddie, really he is!


At home again. Rest and play: time spent this way insures great moods all evening long.


In the evening, we have a bit of a hike to dinner -- we've booked a table at the Brel Bar, which is about a 25 minute walk from where we are staying. That's not too bad, except there is this drizzle... Well, that's okay. It's not very cold. And the walk through the park is quite nice.


(We pass the University. Oh, it's graduation weekend! No wonder all the restaurants were getting booked up when I started calling several weeks back!)


Waiting for food at the Brel Bar...



Best moules frites ever!


Those two share a fondue.. Snowdrop just loves her spaghetti...


And afterwards, a pause at our next-door ice cream cafe.


And finally -- home.


Snowdrop may be the only person in all of Glasgow who insists she is not cold, even when the temps fall below 60f (15c).

Ah, Scotland! I so remember now why over the years, I grew to love this place so much!