Thursday, March 19, 2020

1st day of spring, 6th day of isolation

What would you prefer: warm and drippy wet, or cold and sunny for your first calendar spring day?

We got the warm and drippy wet! As we listen to the pounding of rain on the rooftop, I think how lovely it is. So rhythmic. So predictable. With a rumble of thunder -- so spring!

(Just for balance, we're getting the sunny and cold tomorrow.)

farmette life-4.jpg

Breakfast is very late. Turns out I sleep better in the morning than I do at night these days. Ed's habits are rubbing off on me.

farmette life.jpg

I am thrilled to learn that the delivery of foods to my mom went off smoothly. Perhaps things will get a little more dicey going forward, but for now, she is in such a good place! Talk about timing! For the good fortune of moving when she did, there will always be the person who is less lucky, struggling to get approval, to find a space, to move. I know the process now. It's tough in the best of times. These are not the best of times.

I talk to my sister in Poland. She reminds me how many crises they've lived through in recent decades. She is correct of course. Each time, you get your bearings and move forward. Right now, the shelves in the stores are not at all empty. There was a time in our youth when you couldn't find anything you'd want to eat in a supermarket. Now (as then!), you simply can't find toilet paper.

In the afternoon, Snowdrop is at the farmhouse. We have formed an extended family isolation unit. None of us have any physical contact with the outside world. It is like "walking" the corridor from their rooms to ours and back again. (Sparrow stays home. He's a terrible napper here. Better off falling asleep in his own space.)

farmette life-14.jpg

We read. And read. And she plays. I hear that she had a dream last night -- of being in school, of me picking her up, as usual. When she is here, for a few minutes it feels almost like the old times.

farmette life-16.jpg

In the evening, I make a soup for two days, using lots of cannellini beans, I do have a lot of cannellini beans!

Welcome to spring, cannellini beans! Welcome to spring, children and all those who need a gentle hand on the shoulder right now.

with love.