Wednesday, April 28, 2010

the final class

One quick look at the 71 faces in Property and it's over. My semester has ended, so has theirs. They'll not be 1Ls anymore (what we call first year law students). They are that much closer to destination points. Soon there'll be only vague memories of what it was like to go through law school.

Because this year was so tough for me (I took on a huge teaching load), I feel drawn to it too -- sort of like the climber who gets especially fond of her Everest. Precious faces, precious minds, sharp thoughts, quiet glances. I already miss them.

One last run down Bascom Hill for an espresso.


A look past the food carts, toward the Capitol...


...up the hill again. And then out. Close the door. Exhale.

I'll be teaching this summer again, but not until July. Until then, my work will be portable and I intend to take it places. Maybe far, or, maybe no further than Ed's farmette, or just my balcony. So long, Bascom Hill. See you in the heat of the summer.