Wednesday, November 06, 2013


It's hard not to see a day sometimes as a rerun of another. A repetition of acts taken, meals eaten -- yes, the beloved breakfast...

DSC01609 - Version 2

...of anxious times with a clock ticking away as you rush to get that lecture polished before class. Of glances outdoors, leading to exclamations of delight because there will be the robins in the tree...

DSC01610 - Version 2

...and robins on the ground, too: these guys are still hoping for the worm:

DSC01614 - Version 2

Repetitions all. Peanut butter and apple jam for lunch, cold winds scattering new leaves on roofs, including glass roofs.

Later: looking out my office window, I see that usual quiet between class hours. One student passing by. Nothing more.


Were I to look out during the minutes between classes, the walkway would be packed. It's been this way forever and ever.

At home, reheating soup, chopping greens for a salad -- I've done it a thousand times before. We eat, Ed goes off for his volley ball game. I pick up the laptop. Nothing new there!

So why write about it? Because repetitions can be so good! Great, in fact! You wake up and everything is as it should be. Words exchanged, steps taken. Shower on, that wonderful soap lathered. Later, downstairs, honey drizzled over the bowl of oatmeal, stories told (or sometimes retold), plans made for the evening, for tomorrow, for the farmhouse front door, for the raspberry field, for anything and everything.

And that's just a fraction of all that thrives on repetition.

A day of total reruns and repetitions -- how good is that!