Wednesday, January 15, 2014

that quiet day

It was a sweet and kind day. Cold again, yes, quite cold (though not polar vortex cold!), but gentle in the wake up, slow and peaceful at breakfast...

farmette winter-2.jpg

...and then terrifically productive at the kitchen table, writing, writing as the sun poured in.

farmette winter-8.jpg

farmette winter-9.jpg

In the afternoon, I drag Ed out for a walk up the rural road (he does not love walking for the sake of walking as much as I do).

farmette winter-11.jpg

Cold, but it's to be expected.

farmette winter-19.jpg

And then, again in the afternoon, sunshine pours in and we make good progress on our various projects. It could not have been better. Well, one thing: I suppose I would have been happier if I hadn't learned that I need even more appointments in the few days that remain in this week. All squeezed and hurried, all needed before Ed and I take off next Monday.

On the upside, I have time. For both. For my beautiful, quiet writing spurts at the kitchen table and for the occasional interruptions that inevitably push their way in and try, unsuccessfully, to mess with my good time.