Monday, February 11, 2008


It was a long trip home. The last bit of food on a Sunday morning…

002 copy

…and then the usual catch this, catch that, wait for the storms to blow over and the winds to settle and the passengers to get on, get off – the usual.

There isn’t much to photograph on a day like that, though you can look like a first time flyer easily by taking out the camera on the plane and shooting the landscape out your window. And I do this, most often because it is a final wave, an act of parting and leaving behind that beautiful world, the one with the Boston skyline…

004 copy

…and all those neighborhoods that we walked all day long.

006 copy

At home, the thermometer outside never made it to the positive digits. But my heater is working and the orchid continues to bloom and, importantly – Valentine’s Day will mark movement into the last weeks of February.