Saturday, February 15, 2020

a day with Primrose

From wake up until nightfall, the day belongs to Primrose. Oh, sure, there are her parents. And Chicago, and a delicious brunch, and a lovely evening of books and movies while mom and dad do the town, but really, my focus is on the little girl. I visit her often, but not nearly often enough, and when I do, I typically come in one day and leave the next. But this weekend is different: it's nearly all hers and I get to watch her move through the hours at her Primrose pace and admire all that's abloom in her young sweet soul.

A few photos, fewer words here, on Ocean. Fleeting images from a day well spent.


Brunch at the beautiful Tied House.



It has been observed that I tend to play less active games with the grandkids. When Snowdrop wants to be chased in a game of tag, I typically demur. And Sparrow -- he's no couch potato, but nor is he the kind of toddler who torpedoes through your space at lightening speed.  But I have no problem with the occasional tumble and roll on the floor. Proof offered:


I feel I got my share of stretches today.


It's a very windy, cold day. On our walk to the Tied House, Primrose seemed completely unfazed by this. With one parent from Minnesota and the other from Wisconsin, the girl has real cold weather grit running through her. But when the young family heads out for a walk to the grocery store in the late afternoon, I choose to stay home. It's the kind of day when a cup of hot blueberry hibiscus tea is especially delicious.

(play time, first with just Primrose!)


(then parents join in; play-doh sculpture is serious business!)


(quiet time)


And what about late evening pleasures? First, an irreverent little act on the part of grandma: parents gone? Let's raid the fridge! Jenny's ice cream! Mmmmm!


Once Primrose is asleep, I switch to a glass of wine, a piece of February chocolate (heart shaped!) and I search for a movie on the young family's Netflix account. A sweetly dozy combination! Perfectly wonderful.