Sunday, February 11, 2018


It snowed again last night. I take out the shovel and get to work. Do I mind? Not at all.

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The cheepers -- that's a different story. For some inexplicable reason, they forged through the deep, still unshoveled snow early in the morning to the safety of the garage. There they stayed until I told them they absolutely positively have to head back to the barn. Henny, typically skittish and fearful, is our most courageous hen when it comes to braving the deep drifts of snow.

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The remaining two -- Java and Peach -- got stuck.

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I tried to urge them forward, but they didn't seem to get the word "forward." In the end, I scooped them up (they would never allow this in better weather days) and carried them back to the barn.


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Breakfast. Not sunny outside, but cheerful inside.

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I spend the morning attending to farmhouse chores, but our afternoon is spent outdoors. The sun is out, the temps are below freezing, but not ridiculously below freezing. We go back to do volunteer work on the Brooklyn Wildlife segment of the Ice Age Trail.  We aren't creating a new prairie this time, but we're over-seeding an existing prairie. Here's the stretch of land -- so beautiful today!  A half dozen of us walk the land sowing seeds.

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The snow is deep -- up to my knees or worse. Of course it is! It's been snowing! Ed tucks my pants over the boots. Wise move. The pants will get icy wet, but the boots will stay dry.

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We love this piece of land. It's 22 minutes by car from the farmette and I swear we could hike it blindfolded. But why do that when the views are always so gorgeous!

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And now it is evening and the young family is at the farmhouse for dinner. Many might shake their heads at this habit I've had of offering predinner munchies before we sit down to the evening meal. Olives, maybe some beets, a slice of cheese.  The components have varied over the decades, but the snack has always been there. In the past, the kids would bring their homework to the kitchen table and nibble as I prepared the rest of the meal.

But it spoils the appetite! -- you'll say.

Maybe. So you have to keep an eye on things. More crackers? No, how about a few more olives instead? Okay! (This from Snowdrop who does love olives.)

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And finally dinner.  Happy is the grandma who can put fresh and honest food before her family!

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Snowdrop is in grand spirits today!

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She and Ed are excused from the table as the rest of us linger...

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Back for dessert. Cookies, a yogurt bar.
Can I have both?

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Yeah, the more we get together, together, together, the more we get together the happier we'll be.

You are so right, Snowdrop!