Saturday, August 27, 2016


Wake up early. Oh no! Sniffles! How can I have sniffles? I have a most perfect weekend before me!

I will myself not to think about it. Get up. Open coop. Take no photos (it's raining). Get back to bed. Can't sleep. Damn.

A shower always feels good.

Downstairs now. Ed is making adjustments to his newest machine design project.

farmette life-1.jpg

Breakfast. Inside. Quick.

farmette life-4.jpg

It's drizzling ever so lightly, but we want to go to the market!

We do go to the market. Here's Snowdrop catching up with the rest of us.

farmette life-5.jpg

Aunt, niece, croissant.

farmette life-12.jpg

Next: to the store so that I may grocery shop.

And now it's early afternoon and we roll up our sleeves and get to it.

 farmette life-22.jpg

My younger girl and I love these cooking marathons. The menu we put together is always absurdly difficult but in a sense, that's the point: the challenge is very satisfying! (Today, from Keller's Bouchon, we pick the herbed Gnocchi a la Parisienne, prepared with summer vegetables.)

farmette life-25.jpg

My older girl keeps us company in the kitchen. As does Ed every now and then.

farmette life-34.jpg

Oh! Here's a wonderful photo, done by Ed, of me, my two daughters, my granddaughter.

farmette life-41.jpg

Yeah, her!

farmette life-45.jpg

(We're whipping the cream now.)

farmette life-50.jpg

Dinner's nearly ready!

farmette life-51.jpg

And dessert (also from the Bouchon book) -- almond cake with strawberry rhubarb compote.

farmette life-55.jpg

In the late late evening, the girl's parents propose a few minutes at their neighborhood coffee shop. There's music tonight. The little girl loves music! Dancing to it is possibly the highest of highlights for her.

farmette life-58.jpg

Happiness is sharing music and dance and a weekend with the people you love!

farmette life-60.jpg