Friday, November 30, 2007


Ed bought me a cup of coffee today. We went to Gallup, just down the hill from the condo. The berry scone was wonderful and the manager went out to get the New York Times for us to read. Ed likes to take me out for coffee. And read the paper while I sip. Sometimes I stare into the distance, sometimes I read another section.

I stayed home to work. I took a break in mid-afternoon and walked over to Whole Foods to pick up foods for dinner. On the way back I encountered a neighbor. She was fitting pieces into a jigsaw puzzle. I helped, but only for a minute.

In the late afternoon I picked up a carpet – the one missing item in my condo. Perhaps other things are missing, but I don’t want to know. I don’t want to get too hell bent on acquiring. So, after lugging the carpet home, I proclaimed the condo furnishing project to be complete.

Later, much later, I ran into my next door neighbor. I hardly ever see him. Mostly, he accompanies his wife in her work in Richland Center. But today he was there and he was walking his dog and I remembered how much I loved dogs.
Cookin’ up a storm? – he asked, looking at my Whole Foods bags.
Comfort food, in anticipation of the weather tomorrow. Ingredients for spaghetti sauce.

In the evening, Ed came over. He never noticed the new carpet, but he ate the spaghetti and dozed on the couch and woke up only when I said it’s late.

Photos? No, not tonight.