Saturday, July 26, 2008

the other one

With friends visiting from out of town… (mother and daughter)

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I did the downtown market today. It’s not that I’m not proud of the Westside Community Market, it’s just that you don’t go there for a two hour stroll. You go with a purpose: to buy, say hi and return home.

And it was a beautiful day and a beautiful market on the Square. Colorful. From the vinegar bottles, to the sideshow.

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And they do cut flowers so very well there!

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Some items are identical to those at my local market. Same vendor even.

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But, the crowds kept me from taking out the camera much. And I had a lot of “I should have” thoughts. I should have bought from that stand. Or waited til the other. Really, you cannot do the downtown market just once. You need to circumvent it at least twice. We did a one and a half compromise.

From there, I walked home. Only five miles. The lake was a notch smelly, so I took to the sidewalk. Initially, offering pretty views…

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…then, uninspired. Couldn't even amuse myself with people watching.

I wish some of those people crowding the Square would hit the sidewalks occasionally. Once I left State Street, during the entire remaining (4 mile) walk up Observatory then University Avenue, I passed not a single walking human being.