Saturday, June 07, 2014


You could fire off a long list of things you get unused to when you retire.

Obviously getting up very early would be on that list, though if retirement means chickens, then getting up very early simply gets replaced with getting up very very early. Today's sunrise was almost worth it though.


In fact, yes, it was worth it.


Everything about color and tone in that moment of dawn's early light is nearly perfect.



[We pause for an interruption of regular blogging: Martha the groundhog has just crossed the sheep shed path on her way to sample the flower garden.]


A rushed breakfast would be on the list (of things you get unused to), except on days you have packed too much into one morning. It may be beautiful, but leisurely? No, not today. Not for me anyway.


If you're retired, it seems that you also get unused to being on time. You'd think it would be the opposite, no? You have time! That is your retirement gift, worth the income drop, worth the status loss -- you have time! So why the constant lateness? Maybe it's that not keeping to a schedule makes you pokey. You smell too many roses along the way.

Just one more then, okay? Being retired should make you calm. Unruffled, unphased by the discourteous nature of grumpy people you pass on the path of life. Quite the opposite! As I am pulling up to a gas pump on Rosie, the car before moves so slowly that I have to wiggle Rosie's front half a little, just to maintain balance. That, for some reason, did not sit well with a driver coming from the pump. He yelled through the open window -- learn how to drive!

Normally one ought to ignore the rudeness of others. Not me. I did what I have never done to any stranger in my life -- stuck out a very impolite finger at him. I mean, asking for a fist fight or worse, isn't it? It's as if I had to make the statement -- dont you go around belittling grannies who cross your path, you jerk!

So in the second half of the first year of my retirement, I have a new list -- of things to do better: be on time! keep your hands to your side when drivers express rage! Et cetera.

In other news -- it was a pretty day today. A little still, predicting the storms that surely would come, but pretty nonetheless. I spent some time at the market with my girls...


...and then we put in a great many hours discussing the details of the wedding of my youngest. Believe me, when you are hosting some 150 out of towners for festivities (or at least a portion of the festivities) at the farmette, there is a lot to discuss.

This girl is getting married. True.


But hey, it is a whole two weeks from now. In the meantime, there's pizza to be eaten, stories to be told...


...a Saturday to savor.