Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sunday challenge

I have a challenge for you. I’m going to put up six photos from today. I could wrap text around them, but I don’t think I have to. If you’re an Ocean reader, even a quite recent Ocean reader, you’ll know exactly what I would have written here, had I chosen to write.

So, my six photos:

DSC02439 - Version 2

DSC02442 - Version 2

DSC02445 - Version 2

DSC02446 - Version 2

DSC02454 - Version 2

DSC02459 - Version 2

My parting comment: I learned yesterday (in reading my adolescent journals) that one writes more when one knows less what one has to say (which is why such writing amounts to scribbles, worthless scribbles). So maybe conversely, one write less when one knows more what one has to say.

If all this is too complicated and you'd like to remind me that you don't read blogs in order to put your mind into a spin, I'll say this: it rained, I wrote, cooked and I admired, from the porch, the world outside.