Thursday, March 05, 2015


One last wake up to below zero readings. After this day, we'll be done with that bracing cold that comes after a moonlit night and a brilliant sunrise. Not that I saw either. No one lets the cheepers out that early after a cold night. In fact, letting the cheepers out has been only modestly close to a sunrise. We've been less scheduled about it and less frantic, at the same time that they have become less insistent. They huddle and wait and if there is sunshine, they'll come out and search for a spot that's not iced over. That's a challenge!


Eventually I coax them out of the barn, and each time, I get the chicken ballet before me as they dance over the worst spots.


In the crab apple tree, a pair of squirrels returns for their daily fruit raid. Do they know that they'll soon have competition from the spring flocks of birds?


Ed and I eat breakfast at the kitchen table. We each have a plateful of chores to do today and so this meal is especially important. We talk about spring farmette projects. There are many and that pleases me no end.


My midday is a bit of a rush between one thing and the next. Let's zip past that and go right to where I want to be -- at Snowdrop's house. Though instead of giving you the next string of smiling Snowdrops, I'll show you something a tiny bit different:

Here, you can pretend she is jumping! (In reality, she is, as always, merely kicking her feet -- she is a terrific kicker!)


A closeup...

(you liked that,  grandma?)

Perhaps my favorite is where I get her to really stand up.  Bonus: for those who complained I did not show off yesterday's haircut, here is one wild version of it! Hers and mine!


Snowdrop is exactly two months old today. In so many ways, she seems quite a bit older! Except when she exhales after a period of play.