Monday, April 01, 2019

an April Monday

It seems like a long time since we've had a routine going here, at the farmette. The disruptors have been numerous, of varying importance. Animal chaos. Rooster additions. Kids, sick, Ed sick, Nina -- well, maybe, who knows. Travel -- mine, theirs. Celebrations! Yeah! Spring break, end of spring break, ice, no ice -- I mean, none of it unusual, much of it beautiful, but still -- routines were shattered in March.

With April, we return to a ho hum steady pace.

And because it's Monday, I begin the day with Sparrow's visit. I've seen the guy here and there all month long, but it's been a while since I've had a full set of hours just with him.

It's funny to see him trailing his cousin by just those couple of months. He'll be more upright soon, but he doesn't know it yet. For now, he just really likes to sit, or jump.

It's very easy to get him to smile. Maybe too easy. He's a happy guy! But in taking those joyful pictures, I lose some of the other expressions that we are so familiar with. Let's consider the wider range of Sparrow faces:

farmette life-14.jpg

Hold it just like that, don't smile!

farmette life-36.jpg

(Ed has no trouble reigning in the grin!)

farmette life-42.jpg

(The timed releases are as fun with him as they have been with every grandkid at this age!)

farmette life-63.jpg

But in the end, I succumb. Go ahead, little Sparrow: let that smile take over!

farmette life-46.jpg

I had thought we'd spend some time outside, but I changed my mind. It's just chilly enough to keep me in the farmhouse. I understand it -- it's April. Readings that are just above freezing are not unusual. But they do require bundling up. We pass on that and instead, explore the world of Snowdrop's baby toys and books at home.

(While the cheepers romp...)

farmette life.jpg

(Loves those "lift the flap" books!)

farmette life-77.jpg

(Always amused by Ed...)

farmette life-80.jpg

And as on most other ordinary Mondays this year, in the afternoon, I go to pick up Snowdrop at school.

She's a sleepy, tired girl, but I convince her that this picture is worth the effort. She is standing in front of a field of snowdrops!

farmette life-94.jpg

At the farmhouse, a solid book reading period revives her. We play!

farmette life-104.jpg

It's a long game and it involves a lot of movement and improvisation.

Such a normal day! Such a great day of April Foolishness and of sweet, sweet play. Giddy spring frolic, full of effervescence, full of plain old fun!