Saturday, October 11, 2008

one fall day

I can hardly catch my breath.

My older daughter is home for the week-end and the day cannot hold enough minutes. In case you wonder how it is -- you know, when they grow up, go away, get a life, but then, for one fleeting suny fall week-end, you get them back. Home again. It's like this:

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Westside Community Farmers Market: fall berries

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Westside Community Farmers Market: sweet peppers

017 copy
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Downtown Farmers Market: sweet potatoes

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Downtown Farmers Market: cauliflower

032 copy
Downtown Farmers Market: pumpkin spice cake

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Tree Farm: hot pepper picking

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Tree Farm: picking flowers

086 copy
Tree Farm: picking flowers and gourds with daughter

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Indian Lake County Park hiking trail

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Indian Lake County Park hiking trail, continued

And that's just before the sun goes down. Oh, daughters.