Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Madison, Naturally

September 3rd will always be one of those important launching days for me (oh, the things I have launched!) and so today I’m introducing you to something that took three years to put together – Madison, Naturally: a photo book, with 35 pages, compiling 85 of the best of Ocean photos of outdoor life in and around Madison.

You live here and you want to show off this town to friends, relatives, in-laws, prospective students or employees who have never set foot in Madison? Send them a copy. You once lived here and you miss it? Treat yourself to this, for old times’ sake. Worried about gifts for the holidays? Problem solved!

[Just to show you that I DO have entrepreneurial grit, I am giving you the direct link to the Ocean Store here AND in the sidebar. This week-end, look for a new and improved storefront.]

Buy this book now!

book, inside

Madison, Naturally is a lovely little hard cover book (8 x 10 inches in size, priced at $45). I embarked on this particular project in anticipation of the October art show (where I will lead a workshop on creating a photo book), never realizing how big an effort it would be to put together a volume of this sort.

Now that it’s all over and done with, I do want to step back and say a significant thank you to the person who brought me to Madison so many years ago. And a thanks with a grin to Ed (who thinks acknowledgements are silly), for knowing every back road and creek in the region and for waiting so patiently while I do my camera stuff outdoors. Above all – a thanks to daughters, who love this place even more than I do and who taught me to say, in response to the question – where are you from? – not “I now live in Madison, Wisconsin,” but “I am from Madison, Wisconsin.