Friday, October 16, 2009


My feeling is that if you can’t brag about the colors just outside your door in mid-October, then what good is mid-October?


Which brings me to a different but not unrelated point. A friend said yesterday that her aging in-laws were moving from their assisted living residence at Spring Meadows, to the next level of assisted living – Autumn Leaves. I spent a few moments thinking about which name was more likable. Which lead me to search all the names of old people’s homes in Dane County. A discouraging activity. Though I had a small laugh out of this one – the Home of Infinite Ability.

In the NYTimes this week-end, readers are asked to come forth with their definition of age (I did submit one because I think it’s cool to write for the NYTimes). And so now I'm again thinking about October: it's an old month, don’t you think? But isn’t it ironic that, living in the northern Midwest, the month you really come to dislike is at-the-cusp-of-spring March? So unpredictable!

It was an all around day of work for me.