Sunday, August 07, 2011


In the morning, Ed found a top one hundred American songs of the century list on the Internet. You couldn’t call it THE top 100 list, but it was a list put together with input from people contacted by associates from the recording industry.

Let’s listen to (youtubes of) the top 25.

It’s a pleasant way to spend a Sunday morning, Though I would not have guessed "Somewhere over the Rainbow" would come in as number one.

I write this because I want to remember that one of the nicest things about not working on a week-end day or, in my case, this summer, is that nothing needs to happen when I wake up in the morning. Perhaps there is a lot that should happen, and much more that I will have happen, but if you decide that before rising, you want to spend an hour listening to what some Americans think of as the best music of the century, that can be your morning. Remarkable.

Most of the rest of the waking hours were given over to writing and the weather was so perfect that I could write on the porch all day long, breaking once to eat my peach and honey yogurt ice cream...

DSC08748 - Version 2

...then again to a stroll along the road, just to take in a few deep breaths and to admire the great gardens of the farmers across the street...


...and finally, to walk with Ed across the property, including through the waist high prairie grasses. We peeked at the farmers (and their offspring) cultivating their crops just to the north of us.


...and then we chopped down some dead branches on very tall trees. Because on a farmette, work always beckons.

In the evening, my girl, Ed and I sat on the porch and watched the bats do their dance. You can do that when you don’t have three classes to teach the next day. Amazing.