Friday, April 09, 2010

from Boston

I’m in Boston tonight. Ed asks – why are you going now? You’ll see her at the end of May...
End of May! As it is, this will have been the longest time I’ve gone without a visit with her (I saw her last at Christmas time).

And it’s a last, of sorts. Sure, I’ll be back in Boston for her graduation, but this is the last East Coast daughter visit for just me. Her older sister is already back in the Midwest. And now this one is finishing her East Coast years as well, returning, too, once school is done.

So I’m in Boston. Wrapping up eleven years of being mom to one student, then both, and now just this one. And in a few weeks it all ends: from preschool, to high school, college, law school. All that school! Done!

I walk in the drizzle from the T to her home in Cambridge and think how there is much to like about this place. The university is a presence – overbearing, some would say – but I like its historic countenance and I like that history here intrudes in other ways as well.


And the modern angle – I love that! The food. We’ll be eating a mix of everything – from Japanese tonight to Afghan tomorrow and modern-ish New England Sunday. With New American and Middle Eastern breakfasts.

I meet her, finally, and we walk to Petsi Pies for a predinner nibble and a cup of coffee.


It’s a wet day alright. But so lustrously green and pretty too.