Friday, April 17, 2009

who would not love…

… a day so full of sunshine? Who would not be made happier by it? It’s ridiculously easy to let loose. All the negative ideas, thoughts, grumblings that I hear daily, in the same way that we all do (probably because it’s not as fun for people to push the upbeat as it is to remind us of life’s hazards)? I know you don’t mean them. Not today.

(Damn sun! You are so powerful!)

Late last night I lay awake thinking about my office neighbor and colleague – a woman who has an astonishing ability to describe things (inadvertently) in ways that invite peace and gentleness. It is not surprising that I nearly always stop by her office before I enter my own. (She doesn’t read my blog and does not know how much I treasure those quick visits.)

I thought what a gift it is to make someone feel upbeat and how tight we (the rest of us) are with our reassurances. As if we don’t really believe them. As if we think that if we warn of pain, that pain will leave our own backyard and migrate elsewhere!

The sun is strong. So strong that for our game of tennis, I am down to my undershirt.


Ed and I volley balls for two hours and slowly I dissolve in the warmth. If yoga was like a massage, today’s sunlight was like a week-long yoga class.

In the late afternoon, Ed zips me on his ancient motorbike over to La Baguette (for a baguette, of course; and a coffee and brioche). I watch people deliberate and select and I think -- that's right! Your moment here, at La Baguette, may be one of the very best, in ways that you (we) don't even realize!


Maybe it’s the sun. Maybe. Or maybe it's a moment spent over food and drink...


Maybe it’s the daylong massage of warm air that makes it possible to love the ordinary again.