Wednesday, June 27, 2018

holding pattern

It feels like I am in an airplane, circling at the same altitude, waiting for clearance to land. The rains have passed, but the clouds remain. And the mosquitoes remain. And until their population goes down, working (or even walking) outside is no fun.

Ed clings to the belief that his mosquito traps are working. That this is a swell of a new generation of bugs, and eventually their numbers will diminish, as a vast number will make their way to his traps. It's a belief born of hope, because he knows that if things do not improve, I'll start pushing for a garlic oil-rosemary-peppermint combo spray offered by a commercial mosquito service that promises to significantly deplete your mosquito colony.

Just wait a day or two. Give it a chance, he tells me.

And so I wait. For the sun to come out again, for the lilies to respond with radiant blooms (right now, there are so many buds, and so few clumps of color)...


...and for the mosquitoes to make their way to the traps.

(The cheepers are turning vegetarian!)


Breakfast is on the porch. Waiting for Ed to come back from the store with two more fans...


(A rare show of color in the front, street side bed...)


(Tiny fallen flowers, on my kitchen window sill...)


And now comes my visit with Sparrow. I always hit the hour when he eats and rests. And smiles to himself.


Did I mention this guy is tall? Top percentile tall? When he stretches, he takes up a lot of baby room!


See you later, Sparrow.

And at school -- hello, Snowdrop. What are you doing here on the classroom floor?
Waiting for you grandma.

She is a tired girl.

farmette liffe.jpg

She had wanted to spend the afternoon "celebrating summer," but even her swing energies are low.

farmette liffe-2.jpg

But as always, a little quiet time, a few minutes with a book or a sketch pad drawing summer flowers, and she revives.

farmette liffe-7.jpg

I take her home and we continue our "summer celebrations" there.

farmette liffe-13.jpg

(Sparrow is not to be left out...)

farmette liffe-18.jpg

(Showing him her current favorite stuffie...)

farmette liffe-19.jpg

Evening. Ed bikes, I cook, look out the window, cook some more...

The sun did come out late this afternoon. You can see it here, throwing a band of light over the flower bed.

farmette liffe-21.jpg

The bugs? Ed tells me -- I think they're down by about 10%! Pretty good for day one, don't you think?

Well no, I don't think that this is great or even mildly good, but I do so appreciate Ed's efforts to calm things down a bit. And the clouds have dispersed and the garden is beginning to take in some depth and yes, even color. Could it be that our holding pattern is coming to a close? I'll let you know tomorrow.