Tuesday, March 25, 2008


No, not my age. I left that number some years back. Okay, but the air! Did you feel that spring vibe?

I leave the Law School and I pass a colleague smiling. The world is smiling. Fifty!

For the first time in months, I get in the car and head out to the fields. South of Madison. Right now, it’s no use looking for spring. The cornfields are still so… last year.

002 copy

The stand built by the Hmong family of farmers? Deserted, surrounded by dried leftovers from fall. (But note the puddles, the melting snow...)

005 copy

Hey, people, it hit fifty!

A young one is out, finding the leftovers from last fall quite tasty.

014 copy

She sees me, hesitates, and continues working away at the cob.

017 copy

I want to see her in flight, but I cannot get myself to blast the horn, shout out, or do anything that would clearly startle her.

018 copy

But, she startles nonetheless. And flees.

What a gorgeous day! Did I mention that we hit fifty on the thermometer?
(Yesterday? Was I concerned about something? Can’t remember…)