Friday, May 18, 2007

gee but it's great... be back home.

Sigh... I'll be down to one sentence and/or one photo per day. And that may be a good thing. Who needs to read about how it felt to call Sony and Cingular and tell them that I would be returning their products, never again to be traveling with the luxury of a 2.85 lb. computer and an infinitely ready to fire cell modum wireless?

One has to be realistic. The day has too few hours, the bank has too few dollars. That about sums up this Friday, a glorious day of graduating ceremonies for many. A tough day of reality checks for myself.

But, in about two weeks I am packing books, notes and assignments into an old bag and crossing the ocean again. So keep reading. Because everything is always different than we would have predicted it to be and kids manage well without us.