Sunday, May 22, 2016

a Sunday in photos

It's not possible to do it all, right? The day is long, but not long enough. And today is no exception. I must let go of something -- writing is the obvious choice. Can you make out our day with no explanatory subtitles? Or, let me set this limit -- no more than five words per picture? Let's try:

We're going out?

Paris with the family-1.jpg

Bicyclists. More than ever before.

Paris with the family-8.jpg

Brunch. Les Editeurs. Many friends.

Paris with the family-11.jpg

Croque monsieur for Snowdrop.

Paris with the family-19.jpg


Paris with the family-22.jpg

...Until you say: park's next!

Paris with the family-31.jpg

High five: so many hands!

Paris with the family-32.jpg

Jardin Luxembourg -- the pond. Happy!

Paris with the family-39.jpg


Paris with the family-40.jpg

Loving aunt and uncle.

Paris with the family-47.jpg

My three favorite girls.

Paris with the family-52.jpg

We buy a pinwheel!

Paris with the family-54.jpg

Rain. Still, baguette in order.

Paris with the family-61.jpg

Walk back along the Seine.

Paris with the family-66.jpg

And here I'll break from my five word limit. Later, much later, we review this walk. Turns out we all hatched private plans as to how to rescue Snowdrop in case the stroller rolled into the river Seine, given the slippery surface of the cobblestones. A touching display of true love.

Nearly home.
Rain in abundance.

Paris with the family-67.jpg

Quiet time at home.

Paris with the family-2-2.jpg

Violet's with Snowdrop. Semilla dinner.

My girls picked this photo as the one that best illustrates my exuberance tonight. (We're doing a tasting menu, the food is excellent, the company -- outstanding!) I'll leave it as an ending to today's post.

Paris with the family-16-2.jpg