Saturday, May 02, 2015

oh May, oh my!

Glorious, blue skies, a warm breeze and radiant sunshine -- you could not wish for a more beautiful May day!

Breakfast on the porch. As I struggle for the hundredth time to take all the foods and plates out and then bring them back in, I tell Ed that it's time for another farmhouse project -- to fashion a door that would lead straight from the kitchen to the porch. He grunts, he protests, but he does not say no. I have hope!


The cheepers stay close to the farmhouse. As we look out at them, strutting this way and that, and at the flower fields that are just now throwing vibrant shoots, it all seems so perfectly balanced and in harmony, so magnificently right!


It's a good feeling -- one of utter tranquility.

Afterwards -- well, perhaps you'll recall that on good weather Saturdays, my daughter and I like to go to the downtown farmers market together. It's about a half hour walk from her place and Snowdrop is a great stroller baby and so the four of us (my daughter's visiting friend joins us) set out to repeat this wonderful tradition. In fact, I'd been going to this market since my girls were wee babes themselves and so it is especially poignant to watch my daughter ready Snowdrop for this most noble excursion!


Three generations, at the market.


The sun is really warm now. Snowdrop's sweater comes off. She is now almost a summer baby. She looks with great curiosity at her foot!


...and at us, as if to say, accusingly, with a pout -- you never told me I had toes!


Let me highlight a favorite product from each market I go to this season. My daughter and her friend may vote for the cheese curds (balanced on the buggy, bottom center)...


I'll vote for the fresh arugula from Snug Haven Farm.


Completely, utterly delicious.

And still later, my younger girl and her husband arrive from the Twin Cities! Snowdrop is thrilled! Others to adore her!


And so the house runneth over with young energy!


The day stays warm and that's grand, because there is some celebrating taking place -- downtown, outdoors, in honor of my older girl's work accomplishments. (Can you tell that I'm dealing with a different age demographic here?!)


Friends. They are so important to us!


And sisters! How could we ever get through tribulations and celebrations without them at our side?



I stick around for a while -- until Snowdrop herself is all partied out and then she and I go home to the farmhouse. She'll sleep here tonight.

[Earlier conversation:
Ed, help me set up the baby monitor! Snowdrop is sleeping here tonight and I need to be able to hear her from upstairs!
But you can hear everything from upstairs!
I want to be sure. I wont be able to sleep if I strain to listen for her cry.
You can hear a mouse walk across the floor. You can hear me right now!
You have a booming voice.
Okay, it's set up. Can you hear me better now?
Well, I can hear you, period. Whisper, so I can test it!
I'm whispering.
Okay, we're set.]

Snowdrop and I play, but only for a little bit.


I'm sleepy and contrary to what the photo may suggest, she's exhausted! Goodnight Snowdrop! Sleep tight! And through the night!