Friday, August 31, 2007

from Cambridge to Madison

Yesterday, I called it a day. There were no more nails to pound. One last meal at Henrietta’s (she was the first to implant the the words “fresh and honest” in my brain), and, then, just one last decision to make, like these people, at Herrell's…

010 decisions, copy

Mango with banana?

And finally, a rush to the airport. And a handful of flights home.

Home. No lobster rolls and corn grits here.

Still, after work, I can take out my bike and, within minutes, be surrounded by flowering goldenrod. And soy plants.

050 goldenrod, copy

056 soy fields, copy

Ed, my occasional traveling companion, leads me on a loop around the town of Marshall. The roads are so empty that I could dance circles around myself and no one would notice. Maybe the cat and the rooster. That's it.

022 cat and rooster, copy

I didn’t even mind the hills. Such a day!