Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Morning. Dark when I get up. Dreary when I get going. Sigh, it's going to be a car day.

Yesterday I had run into a councilman from Fitchburg and I had asked about the future of public transportation between here and Madison. The immediate plans are to grow the system, but in directions that have little to do with my daily commute. In the meantime, he tells me -- I can drive or bike to the hub over by the Fish Hatchery (4 miles), from where I can catch the every half hour bus (runs only early in the morning and early in the evening) downtown. If you miss it, he says jovially, you can drive further in and catch another bus by Wingra Park.

Oh my, by that time, I will have driven a distance greater than the one between the farmhouse and campus!

So it's back to Rosie and Mr. Red and on days like this one, where I am on campus from 9 until 9, it's back to the last of the Red Hot Lovers -- a new name for my '93 Ford Escort without the bumper guard. Why that name? You'd understand if you'd taken a ride in it with me -- the previous owners had put in a huge red heart cigarette lighter which shines brilliantly each time you turn on the ignition. It is rather comic in a brassy sort of way. Much like the play of the same title.

It’s late now. I’ll end with a photo of my dinner companions. A superb group of people.


Once again I was too timid to order the Plaza burger. Next time. Maybe next time.