Tuesday, January 13, 2015


I am on chicken duty this morning and I make the mistake of running out to the barn in just a sweater. Brrrr!

little S-3.jpg

The cheepers know better as they remain huddled in their coop.

little S-4.jpg

Still, I can tell it's going to be a fine day -- a beautiful blue skied wonder of a day. In January, you've got to look past the cold.

At breakfast...

little S-8.jpg

... I give a light prod to Ed.
Can you put together the piece of furniture we have in the Amazon boxes in the mud room? There's another one coming and we're running out of room.
Another one? What else have you purchased? He asks this having winced at the idea of a brand new changing table. Can't you change a baby on a regular table?
Not when we're eating on it. Besides, she may roll off.
So what else is coming?
A crib.
Why don't you use the box from the changing table for a crib?

That one doesn't even deserve an answer. I smile beguilingly instead.

In the late afternoon, I spend time with little Snowdrop. Oh, she is changing so fast! Perhaps to anyone on the sidelines, she is just a baby waking up from a nap...

little S-3-2.jpg

But for me, she is, with each hour, more alert, aware, willing to engage.

little S-12-2.jpg

I am convinced that to spend just a few hours with her is to love her...

little S-24.jpg

Am I biased? Of course not!

Evening. It's very quiet here, at the farmhouse. Is little Snowdrop asleep in her own home? Are you? I hope so...