Wednesday, May 14, 2008

on the eve

I leave tomorrow. I’ll be in France and French speaking places for five weeks, though only at the end will I be alone. At other times, my occasional traveling companion, my daughter, and finally, my old (!) law school buddies will keep me sane.

It’s been hectic here. Still, I can now, on the eve of departure, take stock:

The Writer’s Shed Project is moving forward, but oh so slowly! Me, I’d have it up in a week! (I don’t know how to build anything, so don’t take me too seriously here.) And predictably, it isn't the act of building that poses problems, it’s the “everything else.”

Farming: the fields next to Ed’s farmette are showing some signs of veggie growth, but not in leaps and bounds.

Slow. It’s not always bad to be slow. I’m a snail-pinned member of Slow Foods, for example. Don't rush it! Enjoy the ride!

Still, when I come back toward the end of June, I’m hoping for more than snail steps. Snails can afford to dally -- they walk with sheds all ready made, no questions asked. Me, I have to wait for Amos and Ed to get in the groove.

In the meantime, I sped between places today, taking care of all that could not be attended to from over there.

No photos. Okay, one photo: of something I am not terribly sorry to leave: the café life of Madison at exam time (in a wine cave, no less!). Really, the café life over there is… more vibrant.

001 copy

Be patient tomorrow and the next day. I am in motion. Posting may or may not be easy.

A bientot.