Monday, November 26, 2007

returning home

I leave the D.C. apartment early. There will be airport crowds. There will be traffic. There will be chaos.

Or not.

I settle in for a long wait at the airport and work on my book.

001 copy

Upgraded on each segment of my trip, I tell myself that loyalty pays. In my travel, I have stayed with two airlines that had the worst performance records in the world (NW and AF). Now, they’re up and soaring. Together, no less (they’ve merged, via KLM). And I am loyally cheering them on.

Ed comes to the airport in his truck. I want to pick up a tree on the way home.

005 copy

A habit. It’s what I do in the week after Thanksgiving. And it is the week after Thanksgiving. One holiday season over and done with, another coming at us. No complaints there. Paucity of good cheer is way tougher on the psyche.