Wednesday, April 03, 2013


I need the resilient side of me to take hold today. Breakfast, though lovely, sunny, delicious...

DSC01486 - Version 2

DSC01493 - Version 2
spring robins outside

DSC01495 - Version 2 late and hurried. We are back on the phones, trying to understand why and how my identity was stolen last month.

And the answer is at once bewildering and straightforward and maddening. I sold my condo two years ago. The Wisconsin Department of Revenue inadvertently posted sales information along with the sellers' social security numbers. I was notified of that breach, but I had brushed it aside. Oh well. So what. Move on.

Well now. Someone made good use of that information.

There remains much to be done and unfortunately, time is so very tight for me this week. The hope is to contain it now, but even more importantly -- to monitor it and contain it in the future. A real challenge, probably for the rest of my life.

I come home from work cold and tired. (I cannot believe the lakes are still frozen at this late date!)

 DSC01499 - Version 2

I was out on rosie again and I'm just not bundling enough: the wind is coming right at me.

I smile as I look at the scene before me. Ed is outdoors in shorts (it's only 41 degrees F), transplanting the tomato seedlings into bigger pots.

 DSC01504 - Version 2

The sun is out, the ground is frozen solid, but I take out the rake and start to remove the wet leaves from the flower beds. Just for a few minutes, to remind myself of what's ahead.

The light fades, but very slowly. I watch deer walk by.

DSC01511 - Version 2

Then I retreat inside to make dinner. Tomato soup from last year's batch, so that we can make room in the freezer for this year's batch.