Saturday, October 27, 2012


If you face a full weekend of work, you just don't have the same frame of mind early in the morning as you would if you were, say, facing a day of hiking. You move more slowly, deliberately. Indeed, you stay in bed longer if you can. Forget the rise at dawn type of wakeup. It's nearly 7:30 before I finally will myself out of bed and even then, I'm slow to focus on what has to be done. I glance outside, note that the frost was strong and enduring, I go out.

Cold, frosty cold, beautifully cold. Frost mutes every color, every rooftop.

DSC00741 - Version 2

The farmers out back left pumpkins in the field. Don't know why. They're frosted pumpkins this morning.

DSC00747 - Version 2

Frosted pumpkins, frosted farm tools tossed to the side.

DSC00742 - Version 2

Warm oatmeal, warm coffee in the sunroom.

DSC00763 - Version 2

After? Oh, don't make me say it. Work. Lots of it.

Fast forward to the evening. I made a supper that was too veggie healthy.

DSC00764 - Version 2

There's such a thing as a day that's too wholesome for words. Kind of like watching extra scenes of a movie that was already overly serious and staid. I can hope, I suppose, that tomorrow will be more punchy.