Monday, July 25, 2016


A bright summer day. That description really fits the bill. The sky is blue, the colors are intense. The bugs retreated for a while, the humidity dipped -- all this and flowers too!

 farmette life-7.jpg

(Unusual: a double lily!)

farmette life-5.jpg

(The bed that almost never appears on Ocean: the one lining the driveway.)

farmette life-13.jpg

(A look toward the sheep shed, with that intense look of midsummer.)

farmette life-10.jpg

(Last year's new bed, getting a lot of traction here on Ocean, because I'm watching closely its beautiful development.)

farmette life-11.jpg

Breakfast. Wonderful in every way.

farmette life-2.jpg

It's Monday and Snowdrop spends a full day at the farmhouse. Or, rather, at the farmette. Once she arrives, there's no keeping her indoors. Not for long, anyway. When I ask her -- want to pick blueberries? -- she torpedoes herself to the door, pushing mightily on the handle to let us out.

(Here she is, munching from the cup which itself has blueberries on it.)

farmette life-25.jpg

farmette life-26.jpg

We go to the tomato patch. She's familiar with it and she is excited by the fact that we can finally pick a tomato for her to taste. (Wouldn't you love a sun warmed small tomato right off the bush?)

farmette life-41.jpg

Yes, there are a few minutes indoors. For those favorite upside down swings with ah-ah-eh (that would be grandpa Ed)...

farmette life-54.jpg

... and always, always, a few precious moments with books, and with penguin, and with a book read to penguin...

farmette life-61.jpg

But when I ask her if she would help me water the pots outside, she's right on it!

(Even though it's not an easy watering can to handle.)

farmette life-73.jpg

(I need more water, grandma!)

farmette life-78.jpg

And suddenly, I am reminded of something. I do not pretend to do things here that follow in the noble path of the Impressionist painters. But looking over the photos from today, I have to smile at the similarities.

farmette life-82.jpg

(Isn't it just a tiny bit in line with Monet's "Garden at Vetheuil?")

And this one:

farmette life-80.jpg

Didn't it for a minute recall for you another impression, this one by Renoir?

It's not that I have here, at the farmette, anything that is special, or unusual, or worthy of a canvas. The greater truth is that we all do this stuff: we grow flowers and delight in seeing our toddler lift up a watering can, and yes, great artists have painted it and us lesser beings simply live it -- the canvases of life's happiest moments.

So yes, terrible things take place daily. But those of us lucky enough to escape the horror, we almost have a duty to recognize our brilliant everyday. The flowers. The child with the watering can. The smiles that are around us, even in trying times.

farmette life-17-2.jpg

I do. You do too, I know that. And I am delighted and grateful for your comments that tell me so.